Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Okay so I'm only a year behind, okay I'm not telling you the truth...I'm several years behind in scrapping but these pictures were from last Christmas school parties and plays.  I had a fabulous day of cropping and sharing good times with my friends over at Create 365.  My motto for her store is Create 365...your first stop to shop and crop! I am having so much fun over at her store.  So many different things to purchase.  There are lots of little different things to look at, so stop and look around, it takes a little while to soak up all of the different and neat things she has. Enjoy!  Happy New Years everyone!

The Road Less Traveled

Hello all you scrappy people out there.  Have you been traveling?  I actually I have stayed put for awhile and I'm getting the itch to plan a trip!  Especially after making this layout!  It is made with the precious Studio Calico line.  I will be selling this as a kit over at Create 365.  You may pre-order this kit by calling 337-280-9877. The price is $22.00, and wow what a great deal, everything is done for you, like the globe and all the die-cuts, spraymisting too!   Once its gone its gone, so order quickly to get yours!  I have already had one customer see just a portion of it complete and she pre-payed for her without seeing the complete thing! How awesome is that.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Creative Christmas Camp 2013

Well, today was a HIT!  The girls were so fabulous! I can't tell you how great they all did.  I had some girls that have taken my classes for several years and I had some all new girls as well.  We had so much fun creating these books.  They loved painting, embossing and using their fabulous layered chipboard stickers to create these adorable "WISH" books.  The books would be great for Disney books as well.  They could be transformed into princess books or tinkerbell books.  The possibilities are endless! 
Below are a few pictures of the girls painting the letters on their books.

 This is Ashley, she has been taking my camps for several years now.  She is going to be my helper this summer.  She is awesome and I love how she works with everyone, she will be an asset to my summer camp! Believe it or not, I taught both of these girls computer lessons when they were 3 and 4 yrs old.
 This was Mary's first time at my camp, and wow she did such a great job! I loved having her!
 Group pictures of us with their finished product!  What a wonderful spot to take a group picture!

 Below is Madeline and several of her friends.  Madeline has also been to several of my camps.  Her mother and I go way back from working together at the Hilton.  We have remained friends for such a long time.  I even convince her she needed to get into scrapping and wow did she ever- she loves it!
 This fun little group here had such a blast today. Two former Laptops and Lollipops girls Alyssa and Paige.  They brought their friend Josie, I had a great time helping these girls!
 Mya is always so much fun, she is such a crafty girl.  Today, was my first time to meet Christina and wow she is a queen for our town and she showed me one of the books she is putting together- such a great job!
 I think this was the most fun, successful and stress-free camp I've had so far!  I can wait to see what the summer brings!
Thank you all for coming and everyone did such an amazing job.  The books came out fantastic!  Oh and we even had time to play with the prima dolls.  I brought a bunch of Christmas papers and they had so much fun designing them!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Write Your Own Story

Good morning bloggers...I hope everyone is having a great day.  I have to say I had one of the most peaceful days that I have had in a long time.  I spent most of the day and night cropping at Create 365.  I am so pleased to have reconnected with a very creative and inspiring person!  I am glad to have this opportunity to get to know her better on a different level.
Her store is absolutely precious.  Stocked full of great paperlines, cardstock, embellishments that I am just so excited to work with!
Oh and can you say I am in THICKER HEAVEN!!!

Below you will find my school layout that I made for Dax.  This picture was not taken with the added little information on the Photo card:  I added a cute little title that says, school photo- 2nd grade.  I used the Jenni Bowlin stencil paper and placed different colored cardstock behind the letters.  I also used the new October Afternoon school line over Create 365.
 The second layout I did was for Drew.  I used the same stencil and actually used it as a stencil with the modeling paste.  Amy was glad to show me how she had used this paper to do this technique.  She is so crafty, its unbelieveable.  I am so thrilled that she will be able to help me provide you all with so many new techniques that are clever and creative!
So as you can Si would say...I'm "Happy Happy!" Hope you all have a wonderful happy scrappy day...I'm off to work on my clients books now!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Twas' the Night Before Christmas...

when all through the house, not creature was stirring, not even a mouse!  I want to thank everyone who purchased this precious little layout kit.  It was a last minute idea, and I am so excited that Create 365 has asked me to make kits for her store. This Christmas layout kit is pretty much sold out, I will be putting them together soon and if I am able to make extras I will let you all know. She has also offered me to teach classes there if I wish.  Maybe one day I will.  I have been so busy lately.  I thought things would settle down when I stopped teaching monthly classes, but quite the opposite.  The job for my parents has been awesome.  Such a delite to spend some much needed time with my parents and learn all about their business.  I have continued scrapping for my clients as well as taking on a few new clients.  I have been asked by several people to come to their homes and help them scrap and use up materials that they have purchased.  This is awesome, I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I also have a camp coming up.  Almost finished with the project, just needing to add a few little touches before I send it out to the school for sign ups.  I am so blessed that so many opportunities have come about.  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Kit
Designed by: Wendy Reaux
Toadilly Scrapping Kits
dba Laptops and Lollipops
Hello Ladies!!! I just want to welcome you all to my fun little blog that I have been posting on for several years.  It has evolved throughout the years...and now I am able to offer you this cute little kit for sale.  Please click on the Toadilly Scrappin Kits tab and you will find more information regarding my kits.

Something cool that you might want to do is add your email address over to the right of this post and you will automatically receive and email when I update this site.  So for the ones who forget to check th blog, this will help to remind you when to look.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Princess for a Day

We were at it again! I just love these pictures! What a beautiful littel girl she is and so sweet too.  She was feeling a little under the weather and she was so worried about me coming to her house and 
getting me sick- sha' little girl!
 We broke out the "inkpots" and changed the beading color to gold to match the colors in this layout.  I plan to add alcohol ink to the centers of the red flowers.

Check out these little white and gold flowers---from the dollar bins at Michaels.  I have found so many great things from them to use in kits and camps!
Hello Kitty
I have always had a fascination with Hello Kitty! I was too old to really buy the stuff when it came out, well I was too cool in my mind.  I must have been about 14 or so.  But I always secretly liked the stuff!  So when she handed me the packet of Hello Kitty my eyes lit up! I even hand cut the big Hello Kitty out of some sort of place matte, and more flowers from the $1 bin at Michaels!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Fun-day Kind of Friday!

I headed back over to my friends house after work for some fun times in her scraproom.  She has hired me to help her use some of the many scrapbook items she has and to get some of her much needed layouts complete! *Please feel free to ask me about this service!
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this layout, she special ordered some of the Brave paper and die cut title for this (  I know I know...everyone will want to know where she got the Merida girl and the triplets....She found them online and printed them onto sticker sheets.  We worked on handcutting them out and while I designed and put the layout together she was busy helping me cut circles for the target...and check out that handmade bow and arrow- her hubby made it the night before I came so that we'd have it to use on the layout! So cool!
 I hand-tore the brick wall paper and handcut some of the hair paper to peek out from behind the brickwall.  I have to say this is one of my favorite layouts that I've made in awhile.
 Yes this Brave title was also printed onto the sticker paper but it was on stark white background so I used several inkpads to tone the color down and make it look antique and worn looking.
Close-up of the banner and bow and arrow.

The next layout was made with paper also from  I started by just layering the papers, then knew I had to make a red light, from there I could see the banners and circles being brought to the other side of the layout.  When you don't have alot of embellishements for a layout then you make due with buttons, bling, ribbon, twine etc...
 We are going to add a checkered flag aboe the "Speedway" sign when she finds one.
Check out that cool swirled twine!  I've been using twine for along time and with a little bit of scrappy glue you can make it do just about whatever you want!

Hope you enjoy our layouts that we created today!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Fall Ya'll!

I always love decorating my house for the seasons.  I guess its just something I got from my mother and grandmother.  They always loved decorating as well.  I have inherited some of my grandmothers decorations and I just enjoy seeing them each season.  It bring back wonderful memories of our time together. Below you will find some of the things that I have pulled together to make a simple centerpiece for my dining table.  I switched out my halloween stuff and added the turkey and the fall china set.  The China set was my paternal grandmother's, the set is called Shefield Bouquet.  It has all the colors of fall with a silver trim.
 Beautiful fall garland that I found at the local craft store.  I added shiny orange pumpkin picks to add a pop of color!

 Excuse myself in the window!- I promise I wasn't taking a selfie, I'm not really into selfies! :)
Another garland that I worked into my photos, lamp and candles.  I'm just noticing the towels in the backgroup, glad they are atleast nice and folded! LOL  I hope you enjoy seeing all of my arrangements for the fall.  I really don't want to think about Christmas just yet, even though the stores are getting all ready!

Funday Monday!!!

Well, they say when one door closes another one will open...or 2 or 3.  I am so very thankful for all the blessings that I have in my husband and kids, my parents and of course all the friends that I have made.  Speaking of friends, I have a very special friend that I made about 5 years ago...yesterday we decided to have a Funday Monday so that I could help her use up all of the wonderful scrapbook supplies she has.  We only had enough time to complete 2 layouts, but we hope to crank out more each week!  I enjoy her and her mother's company and wow her daughter is such a cutie pie!

 Check out these peanuts, hand-made!  She has only been asking me to help her create a festival layout for about 2 years- I am so happy we finally got her something created!

Please feel free to copy these layout for your personal use.
Until next time....
Happy Scrappin'

Monday, August 5, 2013

Beautiful Little Boy

This is one of my clients' little boy.  He was adopted from Russia and as I was reading their adoption story- I was almost in tears.  It was such a sweet story, and he is one lucky little boy!

I have used the new line by Imaginisce, Childhood Memories.  I also used some very old Imaginisce chipboard stickers.  I didn't realize they were Imaginisce, I guess that's why the colors blended so well.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I LOVE Scrapbooking

This time of the year I'm always trying to catch up on my on stuff.  This year is no different! I have run into more health problems.  I have been facing a serious eye condition called MALT results came back negative but in the comments it stated that I needed to be closely monitored because this type of lymphoma may come out after the inflamation stage.  So in the meantime the only thing besides my kids that are keeping me sane is a little creative therapy...


Jeepin- made with two different lines, but i'd be lying if I told you which papers they were.  I can always direct you at TM if you want to make this layout.

Summer Fun- was made with the Echo Park- A Perfect Summer line.  I am actually thinking of using parts of this line for my next class.  Well, maybe just the wave sheet.

Dax had a little taste of an all-star team.  Unfortunately the Survivors did not Survive! LOL but my husband got some awesome pics of my little man playing!

Pier Pleasure- we had fun hanging out at one of the piers in Destin this past summer.  Dax enjoyed all the cut-outs, he made us take pictures in all of them!  I used the I Heart Summer collection by Simple Stories.

 One of my favorite lines- The Bo Bunny Summer collection.  I kinda used parts of the same idea that I used for the Summer 2014 Kitz Girlz.  Yep we sold all 60 of those kits!  I hope everyone that purchased them loved them as much as I did!  We have been talking about our next Kitz Girlz, and we are thinking a school kit! Can't wait.

Well, until I get a chance to do a few more layouts, I hope these layouts will inspire you to make a few.  Please feel free to use my designs for your own personal scrapbooking.  

And please, if you think about it...say a little prayer for me that all comes out good with my eye.  I had trouble with the other one several years ago and just started getting use to what I was seeing and now this! I WANT to catch a break! :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beach Bums

New Summer Line that is totally awesome whether you scrap for boys or you can see I have both in these pics.  Was so happy the colors went so well with my pictures!

I am so behind- I have atleast 5 more beach layouts to create and we will be going back soon!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OLD Schooling...

I never take pictures of layouts that I do for customers, mainly because sometimes my work for customers is not as elaborate as my personal scrapping.  Customers that are not scrappers are not really into all the embellishments that we use.  They want more pictures and less embellishments, which in a way has been refreshing to me to get back to some "old school" scrapping. FLAT LAYOUTS, that fit nicely in albums!

These pictures stink- I know that, but to quickly get them on here, I just took pics in book, sent to email and didn't even crop them. So excuse my photo abilities!  Just wanted to show you a little of my customer work.

PS...if you know these people keep your lips locked.  This is an anniversary gift for a wife.  How sweet is this man!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Okay, I had to restart my computer to get my edited pictures to come up...crazy! Anyways, here is the layout.  I used the Fancy Pants banners, cut circles from paper and pictures to go up the side of the banners and used lots of twine.  This is the Fancy Pants paper, not sure of the line (it has whales on it).  I do plan to add some mickey head embellishments to it. I actually forgot I wanted to do that.
See the cool word Ears:  It is a new glaze pen that TM carries.  I will be using it soon in a class, they are really cool pens that give the appearance of a rub on.  I was scared to write directly onto my layout in case I didn't like the way I wrote, so I did it on a matching piece of paper and then hand-cut around it.  

Here is a close of up of the circle cluster going up the side of the banner.  Great different way to use the banners.