Monday, September 29, 2008

October Classes

The Imagination Studio is so cool and creepy, it is a must that you get your friends, your kids or whomever over to TM to take some awesome photographs. I will be teaching a calendar/sketch class that will go along perfectly with your spoooky pictures. Below is the calendar sketch and for the ones who create sketches, don't worry it will be just as spooky!

There will be many techniques that you will learn in this class. We always have so much fun, so please join us by signing up through th TM website, call the store at 216-9898 or email me.

Christmas is right around the corner, so come and join us while we make clip boards for your favorite friend, your mother, sister or even yourself. The clipboards are only being made in WHITE, we will decorate them with your choice of paper, flowers, stickles, and buzz n bloom chipboard. You can bring pictures if desired. We will think outside our box and each clipboard will be so unique!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Know...I's been along time

If you are like me you love reading peoples blogs, seeing new layouts and looking at fantastic pictures. I have to completely apologize for taking so long to post. I just have not taken any pictures in such a long time because I have been sooooo busy with boys and work. As many of you know I have begun teaching the calendar/sketch classes as of August and that has kept me pretty tied up. I also have two albums that I am working on for a very cool lady. I can't post pictures yet, because it is a surprise gift and wouldn't want the special person to find out. It is of the life of a Mardi Gras Queen. Which is something I know nothing about. Maybe one day I'll have to join a crewe or seems like a lot of fun! If anyone needs albums made just let me know, I'm always up for a challenge! I am still teaching computer lessons to preschoolers, I have cut that down just a bit to add more time for teaching scrapbooking. To say the least I have alot on my plate, but that's okay...I'm loving it! Please check back and hopefully I'll get some layouts of my own created!

Oh and one other quick note...many people have been asking how my parents did for Hurricane Ike. Well, they were verrry lucky. Nothing at all happened in their hometown. Though some of the rest of my family didn't fair so well. My brothers were and still are without power. My aunt and uncle just got word to us that they have a huge tree in the middle of their living room. They live in the Woodlands, which to my memory had lots of very tall trees. They happen to be huge LSU fans so they evacuated to Baton Rouge to see the game, thank goodness. I am just so thankful for my family all being alive and safe.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Class Opened

I know many of you didn't have internet access during Hurricane Gustav and didn't get to register for the calendar class. It did fill up quickly so we have decided to open another section of the class on SEPTEMBER 27TH at 3:00p.m. Please email me, post a message or call the store if you would like to sign up. This layout has many uses. Some people are bring pictures of their night out at the local Japenese restaurants, my pictures were from Las Vegas. Beautiful black and white pictures of your family would look great on this layout as well. You will learn some great techniques and use some new products that are out on the market. See you then!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav Made a Grand Entrace

Well, maybe we shouldn't have been driving around town taking pictures, but you know how scrapbookers are. We had an adventurous Labor Day! We were very well prepared for the storm. I even cooked several meals ahead of time because I just knew we'd be without power. And of course an hour or two before it got bad it went out! I even made sure we cranked down the a/c before to get my house good and cold...I was walking around the house with a blanket!
This sonic is right down the road from us. It hit our area pretty hard!
We saw many downed electrical poles.
It is so amazing that the winds are so strong that it uprooted huge trees. We saw this at many different locations.
The shell station roof was knocked upside down. Look at the gas pumps. Jonathan said, "Well, they price gouge people anyway."
Here is my little man working hard!