Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kitz #2 Order at on Aug. 1st!

Yep, we are busy being creative! Everyone asks how we come up with so many different ideas...well, I really would like to know the answer myself. They ask if I dream about ideas...that is a NEGATIVE! Do I dream about the floors at the scrapbook store being swept...Yep! I have my priorities messed up I guess! HeeHee! Anyways, I just love these layouts! Janet gave me the pleasure of working with the vintage cracker jack box, so I talked her into using the yellow paper for her layout. They are two totally different layouts using the same paper line. Aren't they fantastic! That color yellow, just gives me room when I was a child was this color yellow, so I guess that is why I am partial to it. Don't forget to place your order, we are making a limited amount so once we're out, we're OUT! They should be shipping August 15th. Let us know what you think.

P.S. We are getting the kinks worked out with the pick-up, so it should be easier as the months go by! If you are having them shipped to don't even have to get out of your house to be creative! Okay, so maybe you have to walk to the mailbox! As Janet would say, "that's good exercise!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stan Stan He's Our Man

Okay, so I am having a good time with these photos. When Angela handed me a bunch of pictures of her son. I looked at them and panicked! I though oh my goodness how am I going to tie all of these events together. They were just random pictures of her son throughout the years. Typically when we scrapbook we do l/o's from one event. Well I was to mesh all of these different events together. I thought at first I'm going to go scan them and print them in b&w so they would be easier to work with...then I decided to just do it. Just the way they here is the outcome and I think it's pretty good. I tied in special moments of his life like his sister's wedding and his nieces baptism (didn't have enough to make 2 pg l/o's). Tell me what you think. I love the one of him and his girlfriend. I used a new medium that Donna Downey introduced us to, molding paste. I painted it onto chipboard and then watercolored it with several colors. Click on the picture to get a close up look. Enjoy!

Tough Times

So I'm having a tough time scrapbooking my own pictures. I have come into an identity crisis. I am so use to scrapbooking for others and making extremely detailed layouts and making layouts for classes which are filled with techniques that I have lost my own style...or shall I say I'm not sure what my style is anymore. I find that I'm at a lose for embellishing my boys layouts. I am sick of the options: buttons, stars and arrows...really, can't they come out with some grungy fun and different things? I do know that I know my style as far as the design of the layout. I am very linear with my pictures, always was and still am and continue to be! So if you have any suggestions please inform me! Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This 1st picture is of an old hardware store...OMG...I had so much fun in this store.

Yes, this is the house from the movie Steel Magnolia. I just loved this movie, I was in High School when the movie was released. I have lost track of how many times I have seen this movie...but I love it just the same each time. I bought the book about it and the town, I can't wait to sit down and read it!

Placed 4th in the World Series

Well, the week in Natchitoches was long and tiring! But well worth it to come in 4th place. The opening ceremonies were awesome. They had a nice program and firework display for the boys down on the riverfront. The funniest part about the whole tournament is that we were so ready to go home and believed that we would on a particular day, we checked out of our hotel and went to the games to actually win 2 games in a we had to check back into the hotel to proceed with the tournament. Way to go Sluggers and Drew I am very proud of you! As for the town I immediately fell in love with this town. I'll post a few pictures of the charm that it holds.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Frogs Have It Made....

I have been dying to make at least 1 frog layout (just one) and I have lots of them to do for Dax's birthday...but look at these photos of these frogs...they are just BEAUTIFUL! Yes, I am a FROG lover, I don't know what is wrong with me...most people are deathly afraid of them...but I see the beauty in these little creatures. The title is "Frogs Have It Made, They Eat What Bugs Em' I used Prima studs, chipboard, K&Co paper and embellishments.

*TIPS and TRICKS* For the thread in the buttons I used stickles. and for the squares behind the word FROG, I used magic mesh circles and used the ink pots and dabbed a copper color onto the squares and I also distressed the edges.

Headed to Natchitoches

Well off for a tiny little vacation with Drew to Natchitoches...we are headed there for the World Series. I am very excited about this little trip because I'll get a little quiet time to finish up my Twilight book, take in the games, lay in the sun and work on instructions for my classes coming up. We are going with the team, but with a older child it's going to be rather relaxing. I can't wait to take in the town, they say there is some great shopping, I love quaint little stores like that. If anyone else knows of some fun things to do, let me know.
Adios for now...

New Shadowbox Frame

Ms. Jill has requested a couple of frames and this is the first one that will be for her son and daughter-n-law. It was made with several different papers and lace paper. Other products used were the prima fabric embellishments, prima flowers, tattered angels glimmer glass, and spray mist. Enjoy!