Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scrapbooking Bucket List

Okay...I know I can be silly at times! Today was one of those days. I had a great day...very busy, but great none the less! I was just over at Darien Anderson's blog, which by the way...I am loving it! She amazes me, she is a newbie at scrapbooking and you'd never know it! I started back in the day with Creative Memories and wow has scrapbooking come along way since then! Anyways, she along with many others such as Tanya Joseph and Aphra have scrapbooked their favorite movies. Well, I would love to do this challenge, but just DO NOT have the time! So I am creating a SCRAPBOOKING BUCKET LIST! I will add to it each time I think of something else that I want to scrapbook! It might be a challenge that I see or just some pictures that I have stashed away for years. But before I kick the bucket, which you never know when that might be....I MUST get these layouts done!

My Scrapbooking Bucket List:
1. Scrapbook My Favorite will either be The Notebook, Urban Cowboy, or Grease (which by the way I have some fabulous pictures of a party that my friend Christy threw! She is a fabulous party planner!
2. My Scrapbooking Cruise pictures from like 5 yrs ago (or longer)
3. Wedding Pictures
4. Heritage...My mom's family and my dad's family

That's enough for now (it might take me 20 yrs just to get these done!

Julie & Julia

Went to the movies today and wow, didn't know if it was something that I was going to enjoy. I have to say I loved it! I thought it was such a feel-good movie. For those of you who do not know, this movie was based on two true stories, the story of Julia Childs and Julie Powell. For any of you who like to go to the movies, I highly suggest this one! It has made me want to cook, ummmm, the food looked wonderful and very fattening! Think I may have to go dig out some of my favorite cookbooks!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

This past weekend I spent the whole time cropping at a local crop that was 4 days of fun. I am so surprise that I actually created 11 layouts. I kept forgetting things such as my reading glasses...yes at 36 many of you know they are now a fixture of my being (36 and had cataract surgery) I love telling people that...they freak out at the fact that I had to have that done. Anyways, so I had to keep going home to get things such as that and my ott light and then I had to get lunch and dinner and But I did get a whole bunch accomplished. I was even finished at 9:30 on Sat. night and went home, got good sleep and was ready for the next day. Enjoy the layouts and love to hear your thoughts or comments.

A few of these are double l/o, but I decided to share only 1 side with you, because there was much to the other side. I have so many school l/o's to get caught up on, so I'm just whipping those out, with not much thought process involved.

The Last 5

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can't Wait

This weekend Paula is having a crop at the Ladybug Lodge and guess who's going? Yes, you got it...ME! I am not really prepared but I will be gathering my stuff together tomorrow night! Can you believe 4 days of cropping Fun! Stay tuned and I'll post the layouts...if they look good! Also, take a look at my Top Scrapbook Counter...when i started it was at like 350, now it's down to 215. When people look at my blog it goes down...Can't wait to see how low it please keep checking back! Thanks to all that come to my blog and please feel free to leave some comments!

August Calendar Class

Today I will be teaching the two above layouts at TM. I did have 2 last minute cancellations, so if your interested call the store at 219-9898. I will be teaching a few different techniques but I will also show you how you can take different materials and make very similiar layouts. The ladies are given a choice of which layout they would like to create, and once again we have had a great response and I would like to "Thank" all of the fun and very talented ladies that I teach each month! I enjoy our classes and is a joy! If you would like to get on the waiting list for the next classes which will be held Sat. Aug. 29 at 10:00 and Sun. Aug. 30th at 12:30 please call the store at 216-9898.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lavishing by the Lake

I want to thank Karen for inviting us up to her lake house. I have to say that it was a much needed getaway. I had all intentions of finishing about 20 layouts, reading the rest of my twilight book, and getting excess amount sleep and floating in the lake. Welll, I didn't get that all accomplished, but I did get 11 layouts completed and some much needed rest. I watched a few great movies and enjoyed being with friends. There is something about these ladies that keep us all in I got a little laughter workout in too! There weren't many rules of the camp, but one was that we couldn't take pictures inside the camp...because these ladies didn't want to bother with make-up and hair. Janet and I got in a little trouble because we couldn't follow that rule very good. But I was nice enough not to take pictures here is what I got. Yes, check out this picture Janet was about to leave her battery was dead. She cracks me up...she can do anything!
This was a picture of the lake. The lake was for skiing and one for fishing.

This was the quaint little store that we rented movies. And if I would have had enough time....I would have bought some worms and tried my luck at fishing. I do love to fish.

Janet and I joked about where the scrapbooking section was in our fun little store. They didn't have one, but they did have a big aquarium that had 1 huge fish in it! This store reminded me of something you'd see in a movie!I had a blast and look forward to more adventures with my friends.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Scrap the Boys

Awhile back I submitted a layout that I created for Deanna to the Scrap the Boys blog. The web address is If your interested in seeing the layouts please go visit. This is a really cool blog that I hope to get in on the challenges when I can. It just so happens that the challenge was to use the title, "Real Men..." well I had created the layout "Real Men Wear Pink." Go vote if you'd like!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

11 Completed Layouts for MYSELF!

Yes, you've read my title right! I completed 11 layouts during my weekend scrapbook getaway! Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I've Been Busy!

A Few More

More Layouts

A few more photos: the layout with the space ship was created because the dentist told Dax he would be like an astronaut. Hence the spaceship, rockets etc...I used alcohol inks to create the ship, in person it is really cool.