Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lavishing by the Lake

I want to thank Karen for inviting us up to her lake house. I have to say that it was a much needed getaway. I had all intentions of finishing about 20 layouts, reading the rest of my twilight book, and getting excess amount sleep and floating in the lake. Welll, I didn't get that all accomplished, but I did get 11 layouts completed and some much needed rest. I watched a few great movies and enjoyed being with friends. There is something about these ladies that keep us all in stitches...so I got a little laughter workout in too! There weren't many rules of the camp, but one was that we couldn't take pictures inside the camp...because these ladies didn't want to bother with make-up and hair. Janet and I got in a little trouble because we couldn't follow that rule very good. But I was nice enough not to take pictures inside...so here is what I got. Yes, check out this picture below...as Janet was about to leave her battery was dead. She cracks me up...she can do anything!
This was a picture of the lake. The lake was huge...one for skiing and one for fishing.

This was the quaint little store that we rented movies. And if I would have had enough time....I would have bought some worms and tried my luck at fishing. I do love to fish.

Janet and I joked about where the scrapbooking section was in our fun little store. They didn't have one, but they did have a big aquarium that had 1 huge fish in it! This store reminded me of something you'd see in a movie!I had a blast and look forward to more adventures with my friends.


Anonymous said...

what a great time! I can't believe you posted the pic of me jumping my car off. That was pretty funny. It really was a fun weekend. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I also got to take a nap in the hammock...that brought back childhood memories.

Wendy said...

what are you talking about janet...i keep you laughing all the time! yes, it would have been really funny if you'd of been really out and it would have really drenched you! i had a great time too! thanks for posting!

christie Trahan said...

I loved all the pics of u girls cuttin up and having fun. And too be productive at the same time...... WOW
I scrapped a page yesterday and plan on working on some more today........ My kitchen table is covered w/back to school stuff....... Cant wait till the 17th . All the kids will be back in school and WE can hit the Gym. Thanks for your sweet post about my aunt. Still hard to believe she is gone.

Melissa Fournet said...

that is funny pic of janet!! ha ha ha! you will have to be the make up and hair artist if you want pics!!
stop the madness!!! we did have a good time!!