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Thank you for inquiring about my scrapbooking services.  I have been scrapbooking for clients more than 5 years now.  If you are interested in having a scrapbook but don't have the time or experience to make a book, you have found the right person!

My services:

  • Complimentary Meeting to discuss what you are looking for in hiring a designer
  • Purchasing products at the many different hobby stores in town or online.  You can either set up an account with the local stores or I can make purchases and keep all receipts. 
Prices are as follows:
  1. The Basics:  Introduction and Closing pages nicely designed with a few embellishments.  The interiors of the pages are scrapbook papers chosen to match pictures, with as many pictures being placed on the page.  These do not include mattes or titles.  Prices are $3/page and Introduction/Closing pages $7/page.
  2. A Little Pizazz:  All pages designed with titles, photo mattes, and embellishments.  Prices are $8/page.
  3. All Decked out:  Pages can be designed with intricate hand-cutting, stitching, crocheting, inking, techniques, matting, and titles.  Prices are $10/page.
*Prices may change depending on the amount of organizing that you do ahead of time.  If pictures are not labeled and seperated based on events then your price will be discussed.  

*Please keep in mind, scrapbooks will last a lifetime.  Many customers do not understand the time and money that is spent making these books.  Therefore they think my scrapbooking prices are too expensive.  I have to drive into Lafayette to purchase products.  It takes several hours to pick out papers and embellishments, and add the countless hours in designing the layouts.  It is all worth it in the end, I promise! These hours are all figured into the prices that are above.

I look forward to answering any question you may have regarding scrapbooking and choosing my services!

Other services provided:

  1. I have also been hired to help assist a scrapbooker.  I help pick out papers give ideas for designs and help build your layouts with you.  Prices are $12/hour.
  2. Creating Shadowboxes
  3. Bulletin boards for graduations/sports banquets etc...

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