Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We're all mad....

Another fun clock that I made.  I knew when I saw this print I had to get it.  It was way out of our decorating budget for the crop, but I went ahead and splurged and bought if for myself.  I figured I would go ahead and get the bigger print being that I was going to keep it in my scraproom.  It will forever be a memory of the 1st annual 2 Crafty Chicks Event!  

 I took the clock apart, by the second clock I wasn't as nervous about taking it apart.  The first clock turned out fine, works like a charm.  I hand cut the picture out and mod podged it to the clock that is from Hobby Lobby.  I added all kinds of fun things such as pearls, pearl pens, stickles, swarovski crystals, bling, minature deck of cards to make this a fun and whimiscal item.
I just received a huge order from Leaky Shed for my Snow kit and I forgot I had ordered some keys.  I think I will have to add one to this clock and I may take a small picture of Amy and I and add to the bottom of the clock once the crop is over.  It will be a great memory for me!  We are super excited about the crop and the amount of interested.  It's going to be phenomenal!!!

Don't Be Such a CRAB

Well its almost Christmas and I wanted to get mybrother and his wife a gift but I was at a loss when searching for the perfect gift.  I just so happened to be bringing a huge stickle order to this artist that painted this crab and I just knew when I saw this print it would be a great gift for them, as they live on the coast in Galveston.  Actually they live 2 blocks from the beach, you can hear the water from their palapas.  I imagine it must be a wonderful place to live.

 I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the clock and took it all apart. I was nervous about taking the clock hands and pieces off but had to do it!  I hand cut the artwork out and mod podged it to the center of the clock.  I added liquid pearls and stickles to the crab.  I then used my favorite technique that I used with my beach kit to make the sand and I put sand at the bottom on the clock along with some super cool shells I had.
I hope that Troy and Michelle love this as much as I loved making it!  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fun Little Find

Great little find at Hobby Lobby.  I just love looking through all the neat things at HL.  I usually just look and never buy.  I'm not really much of a buyer- but this little piece caught my eye and I thought it would be perfect for this little corner in my scrap room.  Well I wasn't sure what I would put in it because the slots in the bottom were a little big.  I fixed that! I took my circle maker and some clear acetate paper and cut circles to fit the baskets, I even cut the centers out as you can see below.  I think it would be lots of fun for my stickles to go in the top compartment.  But for now this will do.