Friday, October 29, 2010

Meow....or is that a Roarrrrrr!

Today was a wonderful day! Not only am I finally feeling good, we got to go around town trick or treating with the Pre-K class today. The weather was gorgeous and the kids were adorable! After all the excitement was finished and the kids had their Halloween party, Lynette and I went to pick up lunch for the teachers and wow can I say, "Angelle's makes a wonderful crab burger!" I hope that I have many more happy days like today.
I had to sneak a picture today with my little man before the day got busy and he wouldn't let me. He's not big into taking pictures with me as you can see!Look at these cuties! Dax, Alexander and Ana. I just love these pictures. I have group pictures of Drew at this age...awe they grow so fast! This is Ms. Simone's sister, Dax's teacher, dressed as a scary ole' lady. Dax didn't know what to make of her. He does not like scary things. I have to say she was very cool! Let's just say I can't wait to scrapbook these pictures! Happy Haunting!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Instructions for Frankenstein

Okay, way down below in an older post I showed this picture of my Frankenstein goody boxes. They are not yet complete, I still have to add gold colored Rolo candies to each side of the box, too look like those things that go on the side of Frankenstein's neck. I will then fill cellophane bags with candy, pencils and erasers and tie them up with some cute ribbons. But if you would like to know how to create this is so easy! You take a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock. You will score lines that will make a tic tac toe grid. Measure 4" and score, measure 4" again and score, turn the paper and do the same exact thing. (Remember it will look like a tic tac toe grid) Then you will cut two of the lines on one side up to the middle square grid, do the same exact thing across from these cuts. Then all you do is fold up the sides and it makes a cute little box, glue with scrappy glue and decorate however you like. You could make pumpkins, bats or any occasion boxes! Enjoy!

School, School and More School

Let me start out my saying, "Sorry about the photo quality." But with my Iphone (which is not the new, but new for me!) doesn't have the high quality picture ability, but it is so much easier to take a picture and email it than having to hook my camera up to the computer! Last night we had a crop at TM, the first one in the new location. I was asked to work, and it was a nice time with a bunch regulars and a group of newbies! We had a great time. I helped them make decisions on projects and layouts, and threw together a of my own...not much thought put into them, but I like them nice and plain! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Just Love FALL

Real quick...I said I wouldn't be back until after Halloween, well...just had to post these cute little bags that I whipped up last night for my 4yr old's trick or treating. I did the same exact thing for my older son when he was in Pre-K. It is so much fun, we take the kids down town to trick or treat at the local merchants...they have so much fun. Well, being the crafty mom that I am I just couldn't let these kids walk around with grocery I dug out my old scrapbook to look and see how I had made them. I didn't take a close up picture so it was quite hard to tell, but I think I did a pretty okay job. I have to remember...they'll just be thrown away! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun Little Boxes

Last month when we got together for Paula's crop, Ms. Phyllis and I decided we wanted to make these cute little Frankenstein boxes to give out for our kids/grandkids Halloween parties. So we gathered all the papers, buttons, punches and got busy. They are so easy! I only have to glue the rolo's on the sides.
Then I was asked by Dax's teacher what we could do for the cafeteria workers because it was "Cafeteria Worker's Week" so I suggested making these little boxes below and filling them with either cookies or candy. Hope you like!
Sorry I haven't posted lately...been a little crazy and still under the weather! I have some classes coming up soon at TM, fingers crossed we can get the papers, of course the ones I choose they are out of! Ugh! Why does this always happen, guess cause I use the hot new items! Wish me luck, may not post again until after October is over!