Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun Little Boxes

Last month when we got together for Paula's crop, Ms. Phyllis and I decided we wanted to make these cute little Frankenstein boxes to give out for our kids/grandkids Halloween parties. So we gathered all the papers, buttons, punches and got busy. They are so easy! I only have to glue the rolo's on the sides.
Then I was asked by Dax's teacher what we could do for the cafeteria workers because it was "Cafeteria Worker's Week" so I suggested making these little boxes below and filling them with either cookies or candy. Hope you like!
Sorry I haven't posted lately...been a little crazy and still under the weather! I have some classes coming up soon at TM, fingers crossed we can get the papers, of course the ones I choose they are out of! Ugh! Why does this always happen, guess cause I use the hot new items! Wish me luck, may not post again until after October is over!

1 comment:

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

soooo cute! Wish I had grand-kids or little kids, or neighbor kids, or any kids around......
I am sure they will love them!!!!!