Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Waiting for a Photo

I just love the first page of my boy's school albums. I don't often make 1 page layouts, but this is the perfect opportunity to get to do that. This layout was a quickie...I think it took me all of about 20 minutes to throw it together. I always make Drew write his name, teacher's name and the year, so he can see how his penmanship has changed over the years. I asked him to write in cursive, but he declined, telling me he wasn't good at writing his "D's"...maybe next year. I even had a little voice recorder for his Pre-K was too cute! Wow, time has gone by so quickly for my little guy, it saddens me to think about how much he has grown. Next, is my other little mans turn at Pre-K. I think his first layout will be very similar to Drew's, but I will incorporate things such as apples and the a,b,c's. I'll post it when I'm finished. Products used: Bo Bunny School Line, Bo Bunny chipboard stickers and ruler ribbon.

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Tina Guidry said...

Love the layout. Miss you also. Cant wait for the monthly classes.