Saturday, March 28, 2009

Copper Mountain 09

With all that has been going on, I had forgotten about these pictures of our ski trip. It was hard to choose a few out of them to post. These are a few of my favorites. At the rate I'm going I'll get them scrapped next year. Haha, just kidding...though I might want to wait until next years new winter lines come out.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay, so many of you know that I have been struggling with my eye and the eye doctors. Well, today I got the much awaited phone call that they are READY to do the cataract surgery. The retina specialist finally agreed with Dr. Leoni...Yahoooooo! I'm so excited. I'll be able to see again...not sure if seeing new wrinkles will be a good thing, but I'm ready! Don't you ladies worry I scheduled it around our scrapbook classes...always making sure my scrapbooking priorities are right! hahaha! Oh and for those of you that I have been scrapbooking for....Yeah, I'll be better at matching papers again! Just kidding.

Hop Over to Troy's Blog

If you go to Troy's Blog you will see a few layouts that I have made for his scrapbook. I kept them very basic and not to much cluttering of embellishments for him. Not sure how well he is seeing so don't want it to be overwhelming for him to look at. I like the way they turned out and the book looks very uniform since I am using the same paper line and colors throughout the book...very manly! To view go to

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Layout for Myself

Many of you have been wondering if I scrapbook for myself anymore...well, the answer is NOT REALLY. I did take one of Jenni Bowlin's classes at the TM Mega Crop. I really enjoyed the class on how to make pom poms, but I really didn't have a use for the pom poms, so I decided to just make cute little embellishments to put on a layout...wa-laaaaaa....ta-daaa! It is the first layout that I have done for myself in several months. All products used in this layout are Jenni Bowlin except the title is thickers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Angels on Earth

I began a scrapbook to collect information for my brother about his accident. One layout that I actually put together in about 30 minutes was, "My Angel on Earth". We were lucky enough to meet the girl who witnessed Troy's car accident and it is a miracle within itself. Meet Bonnie...her father was in a hunting accident in El Campo, Texas and for many of you who are from Bay City, you know right where this is. He has been in the trauma unit at Herman for a few months. She visits her father on a very regular basis. On the night of Feb. 21st she was driving home when my brother came up onto 59 and lost control. We knew nothing of this young women until one night my mother was visiting with a lady and her daughter walked in. My mom began to tell them our story. Bonnie said, "Oh my goodness, I was the one who witnessed his accident and I stayed with him until he was life flighted to the hospital. She was able to give us so many details about the wreck, that we may never have known. It was also a complete comfort to know that he had someone at his side...and she was his angel on earth. I will forever owe her my life for staying with him. When I met her, I couldn't even talk...all I could do is cry and tell her thank you. She told us exactly how he came onto 59 and lost control of his truck. He went across five lanes of traffic, not hitting a soul. Wrecked into the median wall and then went back over the five lanes and hit the other wall. She said when he went across the first time, it was amazing how all of the cars came to a complete hault...which I can't even imagine on such a busy freeway. I do have pictures of his truck...but I'd rather not post these. I hope you enjoy knowing that there are angels that walk this Earth...and Bonnie is one of them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jenni Bowlin in Pont Breaux

Here are a few more pictures from TM Mega Crop. I had the opportunity to take Jenni Bowlin's pom pom class. It was so much fun and soooo hard at the same time. Hard because I'm a really bad student. I would be my own worst nightmare if I had to teach myself. I am very impatient, and I noticed this in the class. I just wanted to zip right through everything. I decided to make embellishments instead of the dangly pom poms. I figured I would make a Jenni Bowlin layout (yes, I have no idea when I'll have time for this, but the idea is good...right?) Anyway, Jenni came around and said, "Oh, your trying to show me up, are you...she was just joking. She loved what Beatriz and I did with our embellishments. Enjoy the pictures. My next post will be a few pictures from our ski trip...stay tuned.

For the ones of you who are following Troy's recovery. He is now at Kindred. The doctors asked that my mom stay home for a few days to let him rest and to calm down a bit. He is staying in a very aggitated state. He wanted my mom to cut the straps off, and then got angry when she said she couldn't. We are asking for prayers for him to calm down and to get well. I am going to see him this week, and help clean his house and clean up his yard...I figure that's the least I could do. I just hope and pray that I get my old Troy back.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This weekend was Drew's first tournament in Select Baseball. I was very concerned about letting him play select baseball, but I know it is an honor to tryout and make the team, how could I tell him no. He played all-stars with this group of boys last year and they seem to be a good little team so far. I do have to say I was totally sad at the fact that I missed him pitching for the first time ever. Everyone said he did so great and that he helped get the team to the championship game. According to Jonathan they were down by a few runs and Drew was called in to pitch and struck the batter out for the 3rd out of the inning. The next inning they scored 3 runs that caught them up and then Drew pitched again allowing only 1 run and struck out the 1st batter, his last out was a crucial play, the batter hit the ball at his feet and Drew dove and caught it for the 3rd out. Okay so that is enough baseball info for a lifetime, I'm about to choke Jonathan while giving me this info...I'm not the most sports minded person.

Onto the Mega Crop Weekend. Well, all I can say that is a lot of work. I really had a good time. We started the week prior getting the place set up and I think everything went very good. Everyone that I talked to said they were extremely pleased with the whole weekend. I saw some amazing layouts and met many new people...and yes, so many that I probably won't remember names...ya'll know me with names. I want to thank all 29 people who took my Travel Journal Class. I also want to thank Lisa Johnson for team teaching this class with me, I couldn't have done it without her. I didn't bring a camera, so any pictures that I get from others I'll post.

Last but not least, many of you have been so wonderful and gracious listening to my families tragedy with my brothers car wreck. I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Beatriz once again and she was such a comfort to me this weekend. We even had time and prayed together. She is such a wonderful person. Many of you have been very concerned with my brothers recovery and each day things will get better. He is alive, and that is the most important thing of all. I am sure he may not feel that way right now, but as time goes I hope he realizes it was not his time to go and God has more in store for him and he will do great things. I did talk to my parents, which are being as strong as they can, today. He is getting stronger each day, so strong that he ripped all of the straps off. Many of you may not know, but last week he had a 12 hour facial reconstruction surgery and the next day the nurses weren't watching him closely and he sat up on the edge of his bed and fell out, onto his face that they had just done the surgery on. Unbelievable!!! He was okay, but I think that took more of a toll on my mom than him. Today he was very mad and frustrated with the whole I ask that you each pray for him to see what God has done for him and to be thankful that his family is here for him and to be a happy person. I'll keep you all updated as more news comes in.

Be Safe and I had a Great time with you all this weekend!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay I couldn't keep attaching photos to my last post, but I wanted to share a few more pictures of Troy with you. He really reminds me of Dax a little because of the blonde hair, I guess. The update today is: He was scheduled for neck surgery this morning...they cancelled, the doctors were in a disagreement on whether to put a trake (sp?) in so they ended up cancelling and so the latest is that they are going to do the facial reconstructive surgery first in the morning...go figure...not sure why they are now doing this surgery first. Angela, what do you think about this? Anyway, pray in the morning and until then enjoy a few more moments with Troy. Oh, and Janet don't get too excited...he does like LSU, but he was wearing the LSU shirt because back then they didn't have UL shirts! Go Cajuns! Just picking!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Please Meet My Brother Troy

Okay so by now many of you have heard that my brother was in a terrible car wreck. It was really bad. We just have to take one day at a time and hope and pray that God will help me and my family through this. We have a really small family but this has made us much stronger and closer. Please continue to pray for Troy. He is such a sweet and gentle guy. Many thought he is fun loving, I think he is wonderful. He was a great big brother that watched over and protected me growing up. I have wonderful memories of our childhood that I wanted to share with you. I of course will be making him a scrapbook of all the emails and facebook stuff that we have received. Please pray for him in the am...his first surgery on his neck should take place then. I'll keep you all informed and up to date.