Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Last 2 Years *WARNING this is a long post

Where do I begin...In October of 2015 my feet started bothering me.  I was under a lot of stress.  I would get out of bed and barely able to walk.  It would subside then I would go to work and before you know it my feet were aching again.  I couldn't even make it through a store without being in terrible pain.  I went to a podiatrist which I trusted (which was stupid) and he gave me 6 steriod shots and a steroid pack wishing 4 weeks.  I noticed my feet burning and turning red, throbbing in spots and hurting way worse than what I had gone in for.  2 years later, 15+ specialists and that 1 podiatrist did me in! It triggered autoimmune diseases not just any autoimmune that most people hear of but a RARE one, of course me the one who the bad things always happen to.  It was the perfect storm! I had a woman that was trying to make my life miserable, work, family, heartbreak, and injections that started this nightmare called Erythromalagyia and possible Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Fast forward 2 years and 6 mths of no sleep....I have finally found a concoction of medications that have helped me to cope a little better.  Summertime is very hard bc the heat makes everything worse....but I am a fighter...its called the "man on fire" disease or I've even heard them say its the "suicide disease" because the pain is so intense that well frankly no one wants to live through.  I am a fighter! I have a family who loves me and wants me well so no matter how bad I feel I will move forward.

In the meantime, I have successfull put on 2 crops and designed many kits and even decorated doors for Christmas.  How have I done this you ask- by the GRACE OF GOD!!!  I have struggled doing all of this but I have to help to keep my family afloat.  So a woman has to do what a woman has to do.

Doors I created last year:

Kits I've created and sold out of:

God has been good, he has given me some trials.  I may have to live with the struggles of burning feet and face for the rest of my life but I will do it best with a smile on my face.  I want to THANK everyone for your support during all of this and being patient with me with kits and the crop.  I will post some pics of the crop under the crop tab.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Happy Birthday!!!

Let's Eat Cake!!!
Another kit I designed before we left for vacation.  I am in the process of ordering materials and will have them made shortly.  I will have about 4 of these left over.

A friend of mine wanted me to do an OVER THE HILL birthday kit but I felt the sales would be better if it was a generic birthday.

Outdoor Adventure- to the MAX!!!

This past week one of my great friends took us on a vacation up into the Smoky Mountains.  I've never been on a vacation that was so packed with action!  Before we left I created a new kit for the occasion!

Mary Ellen and I the first morning of our adventure!
The boys and I had the best time! It was right up their alley, full of fun!
I wondered the whole trip if I would see a bear...
 We had great picnics each day.  We hiked in the moutains and searched for waterfalls!
 We toured the old gristmill! This made beautiful pictures!
 Took lots of pictures of nature! Until I dropped my camera at the Biltmore and broke the lens...yes I'm in the market for a new lens!

 The kit that I made I can't wait to add our picture with the Park Ranger! It will go perfectly!

 I am getting closer to spying a bear...
 Omg, did we have fun playing games in the evening! We played Mexican Train, Uno, pool, and we even scrapped a few layouts while the guys played golf!
 On our way to the Blue Ridge Parkway...did I say how winding the roads were?  I was the hit of that trip.  They got a kick out of the video they made of me...freaking out...because Jeremy was driving so fast around the curves.

 More beautiful scenery!!!
 I have a thing for mushrooms.  As a young child I would take finger nail polish and pain spots on all our neighbors mushrooms that would pop up in their yards.  So now I just have a thing...
 Little bit of hiking!

 Look at this cool yellow mushroom!
 Does a bear live in this hole or a troll?
 My handsome BIG boy! I can just remember how small he was and now he is growing up! No more braces, girls chasing after him and driving all over the place...I am so proud of the man he is becoming!  Oh and did I say he has a real job! He works at the golf course, just like his dad did!
 We made it up to one of the waterfalls!

 I did not partake in the sliding rock adventure! Water was way to cold and my new found autoimmune disorder- Erythromalalgyia/Raynauds can not handle the cold temperatures!

 I finally found a bear! Well it was the only thing that closely resembled a bear!  We did see wild turkeys, deer and beaver sharks...ok well the guide on the water rafting said their were beaver sharks everywhere. LOL

 The beautiful Biltmore Estates
 I love horseback riding, the boys loved it too!

 Even on my off time I'm still thinking of Croppin' in Oz.  Wouldn't these be fabulous at the event...

 More fun and games!
 Our last day was boating on the lake
 Mary Ellen and I had so much fun tubing... oh and we even attempted hydro sliding.  My hubby and Dax were the only successful hydro sliders!  I used to hydro slide all the time as a kid but darn its hard pulling this ole body up on a board!
Hope you enjoyed our vacation as much as we did! It's one for the books! Can't wait to scrap these pics!