Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lots Going On Over Here!!!

Well, first I want to say I finally have felt good enough to go back to work.  I have been so blessed by God that I job basically fell into my lap.  I applied for it and our personalities were all so much alike that I got the job immediately!  I have been working at this company for a month and already they've treated me to lunch on my first day and then again for my birthday and a Nothing Bundt Cake.  

Christmas season will be here before you know it and I've already started lining up doors and trees to do, gonna be a great Holiday Season!

Below you will see my new scrapbook kits! The creativeness is flowing through my body with all of this work I've been doing.  I've cranked out a Halloween layout, which is sold out, and 3 Christmas layouts and basically I've sold 75 of each!  I want to Thank You all for the ladies who have believed in my, trusted me and loved me enough to keep my business going!

One more bit of exciting news, is that with all of the people wanting to get into our crop and begging us to do a second one, we've decided to add a Yearly Halloween Crop!  Super excited about this, because Halloween is one of my favs!  Happy Scrapping Until my next post! Love~ Wendy

Friday, July 27, 2018

Quick trip to San Fransisco with my little buddy!  I have better pictures but these are the only ones I can find on my computer.  Will have to locate the others.  It was a beautiful city, temps were perfect for my feet issues!  

Dax had a good time, but a little overwhelmed by all of the homeless people and how big the city was.  He did enjoy ubering all over the city! And he loved the swan on our hotel room door- and we did find a bull on one of the floors!

 Muir Woods  with my parents
 Japenese Tea Gardens
 Right when we got back, I had to hurry and get ready for a crop in Spring, Tx.  Which was a lot of fun!
 One of our sweet croppers made us Snoopy blankets to go with the theme of our crop.  Thank you Donna for all the hard work you put into these blankets and we love them!
 Havin' a good time at someone else's par-tay!
 Yes she is in love with Bon Jovi!
 Great weekend of fun and scrappin'

 I won 3rd place in the layout contest.  We were given all the same products to use and we had to have pictures on them, so it was kinda crazy trying to get it all done.  I was excited to place in the contest and I think I won $50 towards next years crop!
 Few Layouts I did for myself, I use to could make 25 layouts at one crop, but there was alot of socializing going on!

Until my next post...Happy Scrappin'
~Love, Wendy

Few new kits I've made this summer include Party in the USA, Life is Better at Disney, Mickey Shaped Food is always Better, and Southern Comforts.

I did make extras of the July 4th Layout and Southern Comforts but they have sold like hotcakes!  
 Life is Better at Disney- Sold Out
 Mickey Shaped Food is Always Better- Sold Out

If you need to place an order please find me on FB: private page Toadilly Scrappin' Kits

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Boys of Summer

Good morning ladies!!! I have been working on this kit all morning and I am happy to have made a new kit. Baseball is in FULL swing and I haven't gotten to watch Dax play ball much this season because our crop is always during baseball season. He does play travel ball and has several tournaments coming up so I can't wait to get some pictures to put on this awesome layout.

If your interested in ordering you will get, 1 12x12 stickers sheet, 8 1/2 printed sheets, 4 1/5 cardstocks, die cut title, stars, circles, buttons and twine. I will tear your black cardstock paper with my tearing tool if you note this when ordering. Price of the kit is $21.00. You may group order with your friends to save on shipping. I will ship in the US, we will discuss prices when you order and your location. Most of my LA customers are around $7.10 or $7.20 to ship. I will also meet in the Acadiana area. 

If you want me to hold your kits to see what I will have next please just indicate this when ordering. If you have any quesitons please let me know. I have not ordered these products. I will send out an email tonight and take orders for a day or so and then place orders for papers based on your orders. Thank you for considering my kits, I appreciate your orders!  

If you are going to Katlyn’s Crop I can bring with me there, I have gotten permission, but they will need to be paid in advance. 

Toadilly Scrappin’ Kits

Monday, April 23, 2018

I've been Lost, but now I'm Found...

I can't believe I go such long amounts of time without posting.  That is not good.  Even if no one reads my blog, its my memories.  I love to come back here and see what life was like for me and my family back in the day.

We have so much going on in our lives.  I am still suffering from an autoimmune disease called Erythromalalgyia.  So hard to say even harder to spell.  Damn doctors and all their steriods, I have never trusted doctors much and now I surely don't.  I wouldn't let a doctor touch me unless I was dying.  I live with burning pain in my feet and face and unless you have ever had something so aweful, you can't imagine.  I went 6 months with no sleep but God has given me a few meds to deal with what I am going through, and most of all he has put some of the best friends a girl could ever have in my life!  I couldn't do life without Denise, Mary Ellen (my sister from another mister), Lisa, Rhonda, Paula, Philecia, Mary Katherine, Pat and so many more.  I started feeling a tad better once the weather cooled down in Novemenber and then below you will see what kept me busy from November to December!

I had a successful year with door/tree decorating.  I will post a few pics here:

These are just a few, I was so booked I was doing 2 and 3 doors/trees a day!  I loved it, this made me so happy!

Then on to the Crop! What a successful and fun event! I will post pictures under the 2 Crafty Chicks Event.  It was filled will love and laughter.  The best was the games we played.  I have a wonderful crew that helps us out.  We had record breaking numbers this year, with a whopping 240 ladies. I have been blessed even with bad health God is blessing me more that I could ever imagine!

Then on to my sweet sweet baby boy that is NOT a baby anymore.  The time has flown by and he is graduating in just a few weeks.  In between working on the crop, we had to visit colleges from Texas to Mississippi to Arkansas.  We had coaches scouting out Drew to play college golf.  I am so proud of the man he has become.  He is shy but he has bloomed in what he has a passion for- Golf.  He gets this from my husband.  I am so fortunate for such a wonderful husband that had some great golf genetics! LOL

Drew signed his National Letter of Intent to play at Southern Arkansas University, home of the Muleriders, in Magnolia, Arkansas.  Thank goodness its only 4 1/2 hours away.  I will be visiting him quite often!

We took a much needed trip to Disney, went to the beach for a scrapbook getaway to the fanciest resort I've ever been too and headed to the beach in a week with my sweet parents...what more could a girl ask for?  

Beach Trip

                                            Disney Trip

My Graduating Senior

Oh and Dax has been busy too...playing baseball, golf, basketball, hunting and of course playing video games.  He's turning 12 in a few days...before you know it he will be graduating too!

I will post layouts I've created and sold under kits tab.  Thank you for checking in with me and I hope everyone is having a Happy Scrappy Day!