Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Scrapbook Room

I have wanted a read scrapbook room for along time.  I had a make shift scraproom/office/playroom for many years.  I finally express my desire long enough- my hubby took the hint and got me built in  cabinets, desks and bookshelves for Christmas.
 You can see this was right after they installed the cabinets.  The picture above is where my computer/printer and all of my materials for my Preschool Computer Classes will be.  I also plan to get a silohette one day that will be hooked up to my computer.  The little cubbies can be for mail or cute little pictures. Haven't decided, but we have 4 in my family and there are 4 slots...hmmm....
 These cabinets are awesome, the bottom is large enough to house all of my 12x12 plastic bins, sewing machine etc...  The top cabinets are not that deep so I put my cuddle bug, cricut cartridges, spraymists etc... in these.
My book shelves are the!  They are deep enough to hold my 12x12 albums.  I have hidden all of my non-matching albums in the bottom cabinets.  And all of my matching albums will be shown...yes...a little OCD issue here.
 There is a quick shot of my room with my scrap table in.  There are lights under the cabinets that Jonathan installed last night.  He still has to cover the wires so that they are not seen.  
 Here you can see I've added a few more decorative things to my shelves.  I'm sure this will change.  I made room to keep my cute little cubby system from Pottery Barn.
Here you get a better shot of my desk and my scrap table.  The top antique wood but the scroll legs are wrought iron.  Love the table, I got it from Jefferson Street Market in downtown Lafayette.  I don't think they are in business anymore.  I must have watched this table for over a year, and one day I finally saved enough $ and splurged! So glad it fit in the room, I was a little nervous that it wouldn't as they were building the cabinets.  In the far corner you might be able to notice my music frogs.  I love frogs! I have had these for along time, couldn't pass them up when I saw them.  And so glad I was able to fit them on the desk...they use to go on top of my old desk, but with these cabinets there was not enough room at the top.

I hope you have enjoyed a visit of my room, and I hope it inspires you to create your scrappy little area in your home.

Until next time...Happy Scrapping,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Wheat for Wendy

It's official...I have started my journey of blogging for eating Gluten Free.

The web address is:

I will try my hardest to update it every week with new things I have learned and new things I am trying.  I will also have a few tabs that will give you info. on restaurants in the Lafayette area that have gluten free options, I will give you links to pages that I find helpful and recipes when I find them.

Come on over if you want to learn more about gluten free and please feel free to share on my blog.  I love learning new things!