Monday, July 26, 2010

50% off at TM

Hey ladies! Don't forget Janet will be having a big sale tomorrow! 50% off merchandise in the store. We went through the store and pulled the things that we will be needing for scrapfest, paula's crop and the opening of the new store....but everything else will be 50% off! There was tons of stuff that I wanted for myself! So try and stop by for some great deals!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Worldwind of a Week

Just checking in with all my fellow scrapping bloggers! I have to say I am ready for school start...I unfortunately can not say that I have had the best summer this year. From the beginning I haven't felt very good...well for the last two years since my eyes started giving me problems I just have not been the same. I am trying really hard to just overlook my eye issues and try not to dwell to much upon it, I always think "it could be so much worse and I have to be thankful for what I have." Maybe its just all this heat that's getting to me.

Well, some of you have heard TM is moving!!! I am so excited along with the rest of the TM staff!!! We will be moving to Westmark Blvd. in October and it is a brand new building, we are thrilled with excitement...but to move all of the stuff out is a bit overwhelming and Janet, Mark, and Emily have worked so hard getting things organized and packed for the big move. Yes, unfortunately we have to be out of the current location at the end of the month so we will miss all of our wonderful customers but know they will be so happy when they walk through the door on opening day! I will miss all of my dedicated class takers! But don't worry we will be working on class kits and more Kitz Girlz keep your eye out at

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dax @ 4

Wow, time has gone by fast...or atleast the last 4 years. It is funny that when you are going through the stages of a child, you feel like it is eternity that they are crawling, or digging into cabinets and crying all night and then BAM they are 4, well that is how I am feeling today. Dax will be starting school this fall and I am so shocked and excited about this new transition. We went to pick out his uniforms for school and of course he is stating that he refuses to wear the clothes, so it should be an interesting year ahead! LOL Anyways, this is a quick layout I created a few weeks back while at TM. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome to the Rayne Forest!!!

I will be very busy next week. TM is having there annual Mega Crop, and this year it will be in the town of Rayne. We are very excited to have 180 visitors from TX, MS and LA joining us for this event. I will be teaching the classes below. The Frogs Just Wanna Have Fun, is the official layout for our Mega Crop. We have 30 women taking the class and we will be selling 20 additional kits. If you are interested in one please let me know asap so that I can save you one or make a few additional kits.The shadowbox class has been so much fun to teach. I think this might be the last time that I teach it. I continue to have requests for it, so I love to make my peeps happy. I want to thank a few ladies (you know who you are!) that have taken the class 4 times now....I am honored!The last class that I will be teaching is to honor our Father's or our special men in our lives. A friend of mine took the class this past month at TM and she completed it with pictures of her father, and it was breathtaking!
Stay tuned I have my July classes coming up at the end of July, and I will have two kids camps (single days) on the schedule as well. Heads up, one is a mommy and me picture frame and the other is a day for older girls...ages 8 and up. We will be making a white 7 gypsies painters tray. Keep a watch out for pictures. I have people signing up already. I'll send out emails soon.