Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baseball 2010 & Valentine's 2010

Here are a few other layouts I finished on our beach trip. I completed a baseball tournament layout. The pictures were great, much better than I'd take, so I enjoyed making this layout, I even hand-stitched the baseball. The Valentine's layout is from this year as well. We woke up and I made my usual Valentine's breakfast...heart pancakes, pink grits, bacon, eggs and choclate covered strawberries. We've been doing this for about 4 yrs now and the boys just love it. I fix a meal and set the dining room table all fancy and they just love using our fine china and being all fancy...haha which if you know me....I go for paper plates most meals!

Ski Trip 2009

Yes, I have been working on this ski album for quite some time now. But I really think I'm getting closer to the end. I hope that we get to go skiing again soon, it was still a nice trip under some crazy ski trip I want no unexpected car accidents and no vision problems! As many of you can remember the day before we left for the trip my brother was in an aweful wreck, leading my parents to have to cancel their trip and I also was going through some crazy vision problems...but now I must say I can see going down those slopes today would be a piece of cake and much more enjoyable! So I am seeing my family on the slopes in at least 2 yrs. Dax needs to be a little older I think.

Products used: Bo Bunny,Stickers (not sure the brand),Jenni Bowlin circles, Technique Tuesday, buttons, Basic Grey, Jillibean letters, Little Yellow Bicycle and Imaginesce.

Geared Up for Fun!

As I had mentioned Dax wanted a robot party this year. I was not certain on what I'd do, but I did find some great ideas of using can and nuts and bolts to make robots, we had robot painting, a robot pinata and of course another wonderful cake designed by Henri. I hope you enjoy the layouts that I created. I'm even thinking of making a robot layout for a boy class at TM...they were so fun to create, there are tons of robot scrapbooking supplies out there!

Products used: various robot papers, vintage buttons, Tim Holtz Gears, Momento robot stickers, and Thickers.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Does Time Go?

I know, I know....I have failed miserably at blogging! The last time I blogged was in April and it's now almost June. This time of the year is so hectic with the closing of school, my computer classes coming to an end, and I snuck off with a few friends and headed to the beach for a few days. I did create several layouts for myself during our beach trip. I have lots to share with you, my scrapper friends. I finally had a birthday party for Dax, so I have pictures and layouts to show you as well as classes that will take place at "It's Cropping Time Somewhere". I have a busy summer ahead full of kids and should be interesting!

First I will share a picture of our added addition to our little family...Millie! I agreed to let Drew try his hand at winning a bunny at our local festival...well, I have to admit I never thought he'd be able to get the little white ball into the floating little glass dish...boy was I wrong! He did and we left with a little red basket with a tiny little bunny. For a while he lived on our back porch until I came home from my trip to find that she had eaten all of my beautiful plants on my porch. Thank goodness Jonathan was building her a home because I just love my plants and I was not so happy about this. I will have to show you a picture of her is almost like a Ritz Carleton for rabbits.
Next, I will share a few photo's from Dax's party. When I have some time I will post the layouts that I created from his party. He wanted a robot party...well that's not so easy...but I did it and am glad it's over. Parties are always fun to plan but stressful while having them.
The last few photos are from our beach trip to Gulf Shores. Well, Janet and I always seem to have several laughs on ourselves when together...and that's just what we did on the drive over. It's always fun to see where we'll end up and lets just say we took the scenic route and laughed the whole way! We shopped, scrapped, sunbathed, and went to a few scrapbook stores and went to the "Home of the Throwed Rolls"...I don't
know about you, but I just love the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and they featured this restaurant on one episode, so when I found out that we were right down the road, I had to check it out. And the really threw me a roll and the food was awesome!
Well, I believe this is enough for now. I will post my layouts soon. So check back and again I am so sorry for not updating my blog sooner! Please don't give up on me!