Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Just Love February!

Let's just say, I do love the month of February. There is always so much going on in this month. Growing up in Texas we did not celebrate Mardi Gras so my mother always set out Valentine's decorations. Well, now that I am a transplant and live in Louisiana, I can't help but decorate for Mardi that puts Valentine's on the back burner. Well, over at TM we couldn't decided which layout to do. I usually do some sort of love layout. This year I decided to amp things up a bit and give my class takers a choice. So its going to be pretty busy in my classes, I will be teaching different layouts in one class! I will be headed to a bar after class if anyone wants to join me! HA! We will be using the new Viva decor gels and stone effects. There are tons of techniques in these layouts. I hope you enjoy and let the good times roll!