Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jenni Bowlin in Pont Breaux

Here are a few more pictures from TM Mega Crop. I had the opportunity to take Jenni Bowlin's pom pom class. It was so much fun and soooo hard at the same time. Hard because I'm a really bad student. I would be my own worst nightmare if I had to teach myself. I am very impatient, and I noticed this in the class. I just wanted to zip right through everything. I decided to make embellishments instead of the dangly pom poms. I figured I would make a Jenni Bowlin layout (yes, I have no idea when I'll have time for this, but the idea is good...right?) Anyway, Jenni came around and said, "Oh, your trying to show me up, are you...she was just joking. She loved what Beatriz and I did with our embellishments. Enjoy the pictures. My next post will be a few pictures from our ski trip...stay tuned.

For the ones of you who are following Troy's recovery. He is now at Kindred. The doctors asked that my mom stay home for a few days to let him rest and to calm down a bit. He is staying in a very aggitated state. He wanted my mom to cut the straps off, and then got angry when she said she couldn't. We are asking for prayers for him to calm down and to get well. I am going to see him this week, and help clean his house and clean up his yard...I figure that's the least I could do. I just hope and pray that I get my old Troy back.


christie Trahan said...

Hey Wendy I know it is very hard to be on the outside looking in with the feeling of helplessness but know that your love and prayers will get you all through this. As always you are in my thoughts.
Please keep us all updated.

Jeanne Pellerin said...

Wendy, so sorry I couldn't make it to the shindig in Breaux Bridge!
:( I had out-of-town guests, a softball tournament in Crowley (Caroline) and dance revue pictures (Anna), and Gil was on call and couldn't really help me. Praying for your brother, every day.