Friday, October 15, 2010

I Just Love FALL

Real quick...I said I wouldn't be back until after Halloween, well...just had to post these cute little bags that I whipped up last night for my 4yr old's trick or treating. I did the same exact thing for my older son when he was in Pre-K. It is so much fun, we take the kids down town to trick or treat at the local merchants...they have so much fun. Well, being the crafty mom that I am I just couldn't let these kids walk around with grocery I dug out my old scrapbook to look and see how I had made them. I didn't take a close up picture so it was quite hard to tell, but I think I did a pretty okay job. I have to remember...they'll just be thrown away! Enjoy!


Teri said...

that is just to cute! I might have to steal that idea. i just asw your class pic on facebook. I can't wait to put my pumpkin patch pics on it.

Frances said...

Cute stuff Wendy!!

BikerGranny said...

So glad I found your blog; I love your design style and am looking forward to seeing your past and future projects!