Friday, October 29, 2010

Meow....or is that a Roarrrrrr!

Today was a wonderful day! Not only am I finally feeling good, we got to go around town trick or treating with the Pre-K class today. The weather was gorgeous and the kids were adorable! After all the excitement was finished and the kids had their Halloween party, Lynette and I went to pick up lunch for the teachers and wow can I say, "Angelle's makes a wonderful crab burger!" I hope that I have many more happy days like today.
I had to sneak a picture today with my little man before the day got busy and he wouldn't let me. He's not big into taking pictures with me as you can see!Look at these cuties! Dax, Alexander and Ana. I just love these pictures. I have group pictures of Drew at this age...awe they grow so fast! This is Ms. Simone's sister, Dax's teacher, dressed as a scary ole' lady. Dax didn't know what to make of her. He does not like scary things. I have to say she was very cool! Let's just say I can't wait to scrapbook these pictures! Happy Haunting!


Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Precious!!!!!!!! Have a very "sweet" day!!!

Southernbelle said...

What adorable little trick or treaters!