Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav Made a Grand Entrace

Well, maybe we shouldn't have been driving around town taking pictures, but you know how scrapbookers are. We had an adventurous Labor Day! We were very well prepared for the storm. I even cooked several meals ahead of time because I just knew we'd be without power. And of course an hour or two before it got bad it went out! I even made sure we cranked down the a/c before to get my house good and cold...I was walking around the house with a blanket!
This sonic is right down the road from us. It hit our area pretty hard!
We saw many downed electrical poles.
It is so amazing that the winds are so strong that it uprooted huge trees. We saw this at many different locations.
The shell station roof was knocked upside down. Look at the gas pumps. Jonathan said, "Well, they price gouge people anyway."
Here is my little man working hard!

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Dawn said...

oh my goodness! I didn't think it was that bad! I have had Breaux Bridge family in since Saturday! Nothing like a good ole' hurricane party!

thanks for posting pics!

my aunt lives on the side of the pic with the big tree pulled up out of the ground...i heard it was a really deep hole!