Saturday, December 14, 2013

Write Your Own Story

Good morning bloggers...I hope everyone is having a great day.  I have to say I had one of the most peaceful days that I have had in a long time.  I spent most of the day and night cropping at Create 365.  I am so pleased to have reconnected with a very creative and inspiring person!  I am glad to have this opportunity to get to know her better on a different level.
Her store is absolutely precious.  Stocked full of great paperlines, cardstock, embellishments that I am just so excited to work with!
Oh and can you say I am in THICKER HEAVEN!!!

Below you will find my school layout that I made for Dax.  This picture was not taken with the added little information on the Photo card:  I added a cute little title that says, school photo- 2nd grade.  I used the Jenni Bowlin stencil paper and placed different colored cardstock behind the letters.  I also used the new October Afternoon school line over Create 365.
 The second layout I did was for Drew.  I used the same stencil and actually used it as a stencil with the modeling paste.  Amy was glad to show me how she had used this paper to do this technique.  She is so crafty, its unbelieveable.  I am so thrilled that she will be able to help me provide you all with so many new techniques that are clever and creative!
So as you can Si would say...I'm "Happy Happy!" Hope you all have a wonderful happy scrappy day...I'm off to work on my clients books now!

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