Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, I'm really glad that my layout shows my three guys having a good time for Valentine's Day. On this particular day I was not feeling very good. We had just arrived the night or shall I say the morning of Valentine's Day from CHA. We missed our connecting flight into Lafayette and of course there were no more flights into Lafayette with American Airlines after 8pm. Now isn't that ridiculous!!! Anyway, we caught a flight to New Orleans where we rented a car and drove back to Lafayette. I felt like I was a part of the movie, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", which by the way is a very old but funny movie with John Candy. Well, before I left for CHA I got myself real prepared by buying all kinds of decorations to have a spectacular Vday dinner for my men. So say the least I think I came down with the Flu, the reason I think it was the Flu is because a friend of mine called in Tamiflu for me and once I started taking it I felt much better. I trudged on to set the dinning room table and sent Jonathan to the local Chinese food place and we had our special dinner. I can't say that I enjoyed the food, but the kids loved eating in the dining room because this is not a place that we eat often. I took a few pictures because I knew that I had bought all this fabulous paper at TM that I had to use. Anyway, sorry to ramble on I am looking at my clock thinking," I'm going to be late for my afternoon classes." So see you all later. Would love some comments.


lindsay_2181 said...

nice layout! i had a crappy valentine's day myself! i was in the hospital with eli and my damn husband didn't even bring me flowers, no chocolate, no nothing lol! he is in the doghouse for a while!

Charlotte Cramer said...

Hi Wendy!! I love that LO!!! Sorry you got sick!! :( But glad yall are back from CHA!! Can't wait to see what you guys ordered!!! See ya soon!!

Heather Bares said...

love the layout!

katyfitz said...

Wendy, your name came up on Friday night and Tina and I realized that we had not seen you in a LONG time. I hope you are not still sick. We miss you!