Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Few New Layouts

The pictures in this layout were just so much fun. I caught Dax being naughty!!! He decided to have a little bit of fun in our water dispenser. Actually it started out with him getting a sip of water without a cup! Then it turned into a mess in the kitchen, thank goodness it was only water.

The pictures are very good but the little bit of gold bling and stickles looks awesome. Of course I don't remember all the names of the products used in this layout.
Okay, so I go from trouble to sweetness. Dax definetely has two sides to him. On this day, if I recall correctly, I had the flu. My tulips were in full bloom and darn it I had to make sure I got some pictures of Dax with the tulips, because I did the same pictures of Drew at this age. So, I summoned Jonathan to take pictures. He does not enjoy taking pictures at all, but I think he did a wonderful job. I love the picture of Dax smelling the flower. It was pure sweetness to me!
Sorry it took me so long to post something. Life is just so busy! I have a spring chipboard book class coming up at TM and I'm using these pictures in the book. Check it out under Classes on TM's website. The class was full so we decided to open a class on Thursday, March 3rd if anyone is interested.

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Jeanne Pellerin said...

That's so nice that you mentioned me! Your layouts are precious and your boys are precious! I check your blog for new stuff all the time and I am never disappointed when you post something new. You go girl!

christie Trahan said...

as always love love your layouts.... dax is growing so fast sha little boy.

Kimo(don)2 said...

love the l/o...............you do have a RANGE in your scrap'g style....I like that.