Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Flu Is Among Us

Thank goodness for Tamiflu!!! I guess being around so many people at CHA, the airport etc... I was destined to get the Flu. Though I did not go to the doctor I am pretty sure the Flu is what I have. I have the chills, fever and aches. According to the news this morning 10 children have already died from the Flu and they are calling it The Flu Epidemic. A friend of mine called in some Tamiflu and boy I am actually feeling better today. I am shipping Dax off to my mothers in Texas tomorrow...I am terrified that he will get it. I have cut myself off from the family and am staying in Drew's room all by my lonesome. It is such a sad feeling being away from my family and especially Dax, because he is so young and doesn't understand my being away, to come home and not be able to love and hug on my children. Dax is sending me tons of smiles and it kills me not to be able to play with him. Anyway, sob sob sob...I am sure he'll have a blast being spoiled at Grammie's. Drew always came back with so much stuff.

I can't wait to tell you all of the stories from CHA, it was so much fun. Someone once said, "it's always fun the first year." Well, I know the other ladies that I went with had just as much fun as I and they've been going for years. I guess it just takes the right combination of people. I have not laughed so much in all my life. We worked really well together and I can't tell you the amount of cool new things out there in the scrapbooking world.

Melissa and myself found some really great idea to bring back and teach. And as soon as I feel better we will be meeting to discuss our schedules. I can't wait to start preparing for my next class. Keep checking back for class info.

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