Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beach Babes

So our yearly scrapbook trip happened back in October.  I must say we always have so much fun scrapping, shopping at Gigi's in Gulfshores, beaching.  I call it the S^3 trip: Sand, Surf and Scrapbooking!

We worked on perfecting our selfies and here is some of the pics we took on our phone.  I will get to my camera pics eventually!  I can't wait to work on the layout for this trip.  We usually buy the same materials and I design a layout for the pics and they all copy the layout.  It's always so much fun!

Thank You Mary Ellen for yet another fun scrapbooking adventure!  

 You should see the pictures of Rhonda and ME paddle boarding they kept me entertained for over an hour!
We found a cross that someone had made and was just laying in the sand.  

The beautiful condo that we have stayed in for 2 years.  Next year we are staying in the newer condo, yet this one is pretty darn new to me!  Our facilities are always just the best! Maw maw takes great care of her condo's and they are always stocked full of goodies!

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Susanne said...

Looks like you gals were having fun. I've not done a crop near the beach, must add that to my list!!