Monday, August 1, 2011

My Family

I just thought I might have a really quiet August, without much hustle and bustle...yeah right! This is not the case at all. I am finishing up my classes from July this week (the first week in August.) With the big megacrop, we just didn't have time to fit it into the July schedule. So as soon as I was wrapping up this class, I had to hurry and get a class ready for August. I chose to create a layout that could go anyway. I was afraid to choose a school layout because not everyone needs school. I just loved the new line that Janet got in at TM- Authentique. The colors are just beautiful. My photographs would have actually gone really good with the colors, but I chose to use black and white to show my ladies that you don't have to have pictures that match perfectly- just change the color! The layout looks very linear and clean...but I promise you its got tons of techniques! From the 3 T's to making flowers to the sew easy tool. I hope you enjoy!

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