Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photo Shoot: Take 20!

Every year I send Christmas cards to my family members and every year it is such an ordeal to take the pictures. How hard could it be to take 2 little boys pictures? Let me answer this for you....VERY HARD!!! I can never get them to cooperate at the same time, smile at the same time, sit still...not climb on each other and it really gets me every year! These are the only 2 I could capture that were okay. Hope my family just understands that boys will be boys and I go through so much just to get these cards out every year.

Onto my next bit of gibber gabber. I want to know from you my blog readers what kind of camera do you use. I am in very bad need of a new camera. I broke (or think I broke) my Nikon D80 and I have a point and shoot Lumix that I just hate, because it doesn't take good pictures of children that move alot. So when I save my money up I'd like to buy another good Nikon. I would love to know of any good deals and what you like about your camera. Hope to get a few responses!


Kimo(don)2 said...

hey...what happened to your camera? A guy by the name of Mike at CamTech (I have information) is a great camera repair guy (all brands) He just repaired my Cannon 20D and is always giving me helpful tips & tricks... {Drew & Dax are adorable}

Wendy Reaux said...

awe....dropped it on a marble floor. yes i need the info on you think it will be expensive? Email me the info. Thanks, I tell u taking photos of them is hard!

MsBdot said...

Wendy -- Dax and Drew are precious! And you will remember these "frustrating" photo sessions with love and smiles. I shoot Canon -- always have. I have an Xsi now, but have been drooling over the 7D. I suspect it will be mine before too long.