Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Family Affair

I have been knowing Angela for about 3 years now, ever since I began teaching at TM. She has taken many of my classes, I have personally scrapbooked for her and made many shadowboxes and other gift items for her. Pretty much every year we have a private "Family & Friends" class for her and her favorite girls. Today we had her daughter Allison, her niece, her son's girlfriend and a few special friends that came to join in on the fun. I feel so privalidged to know this family and get the opportunity to hold special classes for them. These girls are so much fun and so willing to try anything...they had lots of fun today learning how to make the paper spiral roses, or peonies as they called them!Angela and her girls showing off their plates!
This is Angela's masterpiece.
Lily showing her Christmas creation!
Angela's niece, her plate was so precious with the snowman theme! When they realized we would be having more classes using these plates they were so excited. I will be having a Valentine's Day Class and a Mardi Gras Class so stay tuned for dates and times and if you have my email and are interested please feel free to email me.
Happy Scrapping!

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