Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sneaux & Shopping

I could not believe my eyes yesterday morning. I don't think we were suppose to get snow. And, we didn't get as much as my friends in Texas got or even my friends in Alexandria and Shreveport, but we did get some HUGE snowflakes. The day before I was working with a lady in OHIO on an order of chipboard for my upcoming class and she told me there was so much snow she had to go shovel it up to get to the mailbox to mail my package. Okay that comment was hard for me to grasp...because I have never had to shovel snow. I can't imagine how that must be, but I would love to have that much just once to see what it's like.
As you can see my picture came out aweful. I couldn't get my camera to work outside. So I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't get any good pictures of my boys enjoying the snow, so I was off to bring the camera to the shop. They gave me the bad news that the auto focus is not guess what I need a new lens but don't have the money to fork out to get a good one. They did tell me they will be getting a Sigma that is 15-200. Does anyone know about this lens...will it produce cruddy pictures? It's only $200, but I know you get what you pay for. Any suggestions on this is much appreciated! Oh and my watch broke too! What else???

Well, I'll tell you what else...I got to my hair appt. and my hairdresser was running HOUR late! So the quant little town that I live in has antique shops all around. I never have time to go look in them because I'm always busy with the kids. Well, it did give me time to go look around and here is what I found.
I can see the little seed packets on a gardening layout and the milk caps, well in the center of flowers or just clustered on a boy layout. Oh and then when I got to my doctors appt...they ran an 1 1/2 late! WHAT A DAY!!!


Darien said...

I'm sorry about you camera!!! I just got my camera so I dont know anything about lens. wish I could help you.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are having problems with your lens. I don't anything about them!

If it makes you feel any better I had a dead battery for my sons first time in the snow...I scrapbooked it anyway. I just put a few stock photos from the internet on the page and journaled that I was having too much fun watching my baby play in the snow to get the camera....still recorded, but no photos!

Heather Bares said...

The huge snowflakes were so pretty weren't they???? Sorry about your camera not working.... UGH!