Saturday, February 13, 2010

How About Them Saints!

It has been a whirlwind around this place with the Saint's going to the superbowl. I was even excited and I don't watch a whole lot of football. I did get into the spirit of it all for my boys. I'm outnumbered in my house, but I look at it as being the Queen of our castle. Usually when football games are on and they are all watching the games I'm in my office scrapbooking away or blog surfing for wonderful inspiration.

My boys were lucky enough to get Drew Brees' autograph...which is a very exciting and lucky event. My brother, the one that got in a wreck, is dating an old high school friend and her best friend is Drew's aunt (which was like his mother). By the way, many of you followed my story of Troy and his recovery...well, I will report he is really doing well, the brain trauma was very bad and has left a lasting effect on him, but overall he looks different but he is in good spirits and happy to be alive and he seems to be really happy dating and in love!

Okay enough of the writing....let's get to the photos.
I even got a fleur di lis cake pan for the game, which made a beautiful cake. I am actually very excited about the pan because I can use it for Mardi Gras and UL too! You can freeze punch in it and put it in a big punch bowl...endless possibilities!
This Saint's layout was part of the Kitz 2 Go. I created this Saint's inspired layout and Janet created the Mardi Gras layout. We did sell out of them, but we are making more to bring to Scrapfest. If you have any questions about the kitz please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing where you got your cake pan? I love it and want one too! Thanks so much. Heather

Wendy said...

I got it from a store by the name fleur di lis. Not sure where you live?

Wendy said...
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