Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Knee Bone... Connected to Your ...Leg Bone

What's in the middle? Well, I didn't realize we had things in our calves that could go POP! Yesterday while playing an awesome tennis match, we only needed to win 1 last game to win the match....and I ran for a ball and "POP" I fell to my knees if hurt so bad. Well, to say the least I have pulled or torn something, not sure what, but I can't walk! Debating on whether to go to the doctor. I must say, I am really busy right now with all my classes coming up. I surely don't have much time for this to be taking place. But, I will say............It was so worth it! I hobbled around long enough win that last game and we won!!! Well, okay so I was at the net and didn't have to move and my partner Sheryll worked her tail off the last game. Sheryll you Rock!! Of course those girlies we played didn't feel too bad for me they kept hitting the ball straight to me (at least they hit them to me, because I wasn't moving!!!) They actually wanted me to forfeit the game...were they insane??? Well, I was playing a lady who was an emergency room doctor, but I wasn't giving in or going down that easy. Go R4!!! So to all of you who are taking my class next Tuesday, have some mercy on me please! We'll have fun, being that I can't move around, I'm at least getting instructions made, and I think today I may prop my leg up and scrapbook a little for Ms. Lahaye.


Darien said...

Hope you feel bettre soon!!! And its great that you gonna have time to scrapbook!!

Lisa F. Hebert said...

Take care and I hope you feel better soon.