Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be Inspired

Once again Donna Downey has inspired me. If you are her friend on facebook she has been allowing us to come along for a ride while she has been giving her studio a facelift. I have to say, what scrapbooker doesn't have chaos??? Well, I sure do and it seems as though I can never keep things picked up. I am utterly embarrassed to show you my scrapbook room, but I will just don't be too shocked at the mess. I would love so much to fix my room up a little, but that takes some $$ and with Christmas coming up, I tend to be put on the back I decided to buy myself a little christmas present. Do you see those lamps...Merry Christmas. The lighting in my room was very poor and you know how terribly I see to begin with. I have wanted lamps for a long time. Next, I hope to buy 2 more for my scrapbook table. Well, the next two pictures are scary! My visions for my room would be to one day have built in cabinets. I'm one of those people that like to hide everything. I actually didn't put the picture of my closet...which is where I store all of my materials. It is somewhat organized, but I'd like a better system, but haven't figured that out yet. Anyway, I would love built in and I'd like to take my antique scrap table and put it in front of the window, would love a new computer chair, something much smaller and would love a new rug. Isn't there a show out there where they organize you? If so I need it! Please give me ideas on organizing, I would love to hear your thoughts. Until tomorrow's layout post have a great night!

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Melissa Fournet said...

Hey W,
so now you are getting the cat to scrap for you!! Remember hang in there and now what you want to have for your scraproom!! It's not sooo bad :)

hope you had a great trip at your mom's!