Monday, April 20, 2009

OMGoodness! You Will NOT Believe your EYES...or MINE

Today, was a very bizarre day. I had two doctors appointments scheduled to prepare for the cataract surgery that I was going to have next week. Well, last week I was seeing so poorly that I decided to throw on my old glasses to see if I could see better with them....and I could. I told the eye doctor this morning (he was getting all of the measurements for my eyes) and so he checked out my eyes and refracted me again, and low and behold my prescription has gone back down, very close to my beginning prescription. He talked me out of doing the cataract surgery and said that he must have been wrong and that the macular swelling must have had alot to do with the blurred vision. He put me back in contacts...but I have to say I'm not seeing perfectly yet, but better. So surgery is OFF for now. I don't know how to feel just yet, on one hand I'm worried that I have made a mistake and it's not going to be that great, but on the other hand I was scared to death about having the surgery. Now, Dr. Leoni did say I will eventually need the surgery, but we should not rush into it if I'm seeing good. We'll see (literally!)


Kimo(don)2 said...

what an "eye" journey you are more carrots!

Beatriz Guzman said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!! He is Jehova Rapha, the Lord who heals. Wendy, I am so happy for you! Keep smiling... keep looking up!
Luv ya and miss ya all.

Tina said...

Good news! You can always have surgery later. Not many doctors would tell you to hold off.

Enjoyed your class on Sunday. My hands are tired from cutting.

vickie b said...

PRAYER IS A MYSTERY TO SOME...A BLESSING WHEN YOU BELIEVE... Thanks, Teach...sure did enjoy your wonderful calendar class. Hope to finish my layout this weekend...(sorry for my needy friends) ya Vickie B