Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beach Bums

This was the paperline  I wanted to use for all those last minute vacations to the beach, for my August calendar class.  But I decided againts it, because not everyone goes to the beach.  If you want to lift this idea please feel free.  Once again, I don't remember the paper line for this one, but I do know that TM is reordering it! I loved handcutting the little bathing suits out.  I don't get to use these colors often being that I have two boys, but I took this opportunity to use these pretty colors because their was a cute little friend in the picture!  I did make my own sand with glossy accents and sand (for Barbados via. my sweet friend Katrina deSilva.) Mix it up good and wipe it on with a popsicle stick.  I used shells that we picked from the beach, gluing them with scrappy glue.

*BTW...I have always been a huge supporter of scrappy glue, but good lord I hate the new bottles...they are even WORSE than the old ones!

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