Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goldilocks Getaway

Well, my fellow scrappers...I am almost off! I know many of you think it must be awesome to work at a scrapbook store. Well, it is! But, you never get to scrap for yourself once your hobby becomes a job. A painter never paints his own house. A mechanic never fixes his own car...right?! Well, a scrapbook teacher never scraps her own stuff. I was going to take my customers things to work on, but I said to myself...this weekend is for me! I will be scrapping for myself. It is a new scrapping getaway located in Baton Rouge. It is actually a quilters retreat house, but another group of scrappers went and used it as a scrapbook house, and they said it was wonderful. So I am off to a fun filled weekend of scrapping, laughter, movies, reading and relaxing. I hope I will have some layouts to share with you soon. Take care my scrappy friends. I do have a new class out at TM. I will post layout later. If you would like to see it, go to and click on class calendar. It is titled "Baby it's Cold Outside."

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