Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TM Knows How to Put on a Show!

Lets just say "TM Rocks!" We have always said that, but this weekend proved it! First we started off with a wonderful make-n-take. The ladies were so excited by the beauty of the layout and the techniques taught! There were actually 3 different flower techniques taught in this one layout!
Then I finally got to meet one of the wonderful ladies that I met on the Inspire website so many months ago. We are both from Texas so I guess we had some things in common. We found each other on facebook and we met for the first time this weekend. She came all the way from Texas to be a part of our grand opening and of course to take Donna's classes! Meet Martha!Now for the pictures of the Donna Downey classes that I took. I had all intentions of only taking the layout class that day, but I had so much fun creating and painting and just doing things that I don't normally do in scrapbooking that I just had to stay for the next class. Let's just say, I had a BLAST!

Donna is a wonderful teacher! I wish I had her sense of humor...she is so funny and so photogenic! Every picture I saw of her was just fabulous. She knows how to put on a class and I think she's one of the best! We at TM are so fortunate to be able to get such wonderful teachers to come to our store! I am so proud to call TM my "creative home" away from home...because believe me I'm there alot! Enjoy and be crafty!

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Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

It was great to see you!!!!!!!!