Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas to ME!

Pottery Barn had these really great looking wall cubbies, that I just fell in love with the minute I saw them. Of course they had two of them side by side, but just one cost plenty enough for me! I had been talking about them to my husband and guess what...he ordered one for me for Christmas. They look very antique, but they are not. They even have hand-painted numbers. I can't wait to fill them up with scrapbooking goodies. I love this purchase, but once again it is not the most functional scrapbooking piece that I get. I have a way with buying things that make my room look good, but they don't really have a huge organizational purpose. But darn it, I will have a good looking room! Thanks for stopping by and tell me what you think of my gift...I think my d.h. did a great job!


Jana said...

Your hubby did good. This is fantastic. It reminds me of a hotel room cubby. :-D It isn't all about the functionality. After all scrapbooking is about making it look cute.

Darien said...

I think is Beautiful!!!!!!! He did awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! You'll have to show us a picture when you figure out how you are going to fill it!

jbushart said...

When your husband buys you what you told him you want, he is a winner. Better keep him. It looks fantastic and know you will make it look terrific. It does not matter if it is functional as long as it makes you happy!