Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alien Invasion

Drew and I have been working and slaving away down in our basement...we've been like some mad scientists making something eerie and spooky! The school "Boo Bash" was tonight and Drew went as an alien. We did our homework and found the most awesome pumpkin to make...and it just happened to be an "unidentified flying pumpkin" how cool was that! We carved, scooped guts, spray painted, cricutted, we hot glued, we cut and we even stickled! It was rather funny, I over heard a mom saying how cool the pumpkin was and the other mother said, "oh that's for a child who's mom is a scrapbooker." Like we're in some sort of a scrapbooking cult! It was so funny. Anywhoooo.....Drew WON 1st place for his pumpkin! YEAH! We had so much fun, this has been our tradition every year, and this year it was the best, they had games, food and fun...they even had two singing celebrities back from the dead...Elvis and Michael Jackson. The cheerleaders even did a routine to Thriller...what a great family friendly environment! Thank you SBS for making our HALLOWEEN so much fun!


Darien said...

it looks that you guys had a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats for the 1st place!!!

Heather Bares said...

looks like fun!!! I so want to be Michael Jackson for Halloween next year!!