Friday, September 18, 2009

Finishing Up 3rd Grade and Onto 4th

Well, I think I have finally caught up with the last of Drew's 3rd grade year. I actually think I printed these pictures twice, but never could find the first set. I have to say....I NEVER thought I would use that crazy iridescent paper that TM carries, but I DID! And I love the way it matches Drew helmet perfectly. These pictures were taken last year, not sure what time of the year (thinking Fall) and I'm just now getting to that CRAZY or what!?

This layout was created with the inspiration of Sylvia Frances. I went over to her blog to inform her of the blog post over at and in the process of doing this I saw a layout that she created for her kids 1st day of school and woohoo she have me some ideas. I didn't have any math flash cards, but I did have some word flash cards so I had fun choosing the one I'd use on this layout. Hope you enjoy!

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Aphra said...

Love, love, love the wavy paper strips in the first layout and the owl in the second! Fab-U-lous!