Friday, February 13, 2009

Love to You All

I was busy last night making my last minute Valentine sussies for my family. As you can see I found these cute little mailboxes in the $1 bin at Target so I grabbed up three of them. I decided to decorate them with scrapbook papers and embellishments...okay so the boys probably won't like the flowers but it's the only thing that I had to match the papers.This is the one that I made for Jonathan. It has a gift card and candy inside.
Dax's mailbox is sporting some cute little Lighting McQueen cars inside along with stickers and candy, M&M's (his favorite).
Drew's mailbox also has a Car inside along with lots of candy and stickers.
I hope my family enjoys our 2nd annual Valentine's Dinner. This year I will be serving up heart shaped pancakes with piping hot syrup, bacon, grits, strawberry milk, and chocolate covered strawberries. We will be celebrating tonight...because I am teaching classes at TM all day tomorrow...but we will finish the day off with a Crawfish Boil! YUMMY! Happy Valentine's Day to all!


Aphra said...

What a sweet family tradition! I love their mailboxes and how you placed them at their place. I, too, bought my kids books for Valentine's Day. They get enough candy at school. Crawfish, too? Yummmmmm.....Have a great time!

Heather Bares said...

what a sweet tradition!!! I grabbed a couple of those mailboxes too, they are really cute! I love how you did yours.

katyfitz said...


I just now found your comment on my blog from Jan 1! Yikes, I need to pay more attention.

I miss you too. I am going to try and get down to crop at TM in April, if not before.

I have been doing a lot of scrapping lately and on Thursday (2/19) we are starting a scrapbook night at my church. I am very excited. Scrapping is fun, but scrapping with a bunch of crazy women is much better!

Hugs to everyone.

Kathy Fitzhugh

christie Trahan said...

you are too good girl..... your little family must have really felt special!

Jeanne Pellerin said...

Cute treats!!! So sweet that you took the time to make the mailboxes so cute!!! Happy V day! :)