Saturday, May 7, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Can I tell you how much I enjoy going to watch my two boys play ball. Drew has grown so much and I am so proud at his determination and drive to succeed at this sport. It is wonderful to see him enjoy something that he really really likes! He play a few positions, so that is always great. He plays short stop, third and his favorite is pitching. I hope he continues to enjoy this game and excel even further. He plays for the SBS Crusaders and he also plays for the LA Dodgers. Dax started his first year of tee-ball. Well, that is another story. He was actually too young to play this season, but good lord he's so good we couldn't see making him wait another year. He's been making mental notes from watching his brother! They agreed that if Jonathan would help coach that he could play. HA HA! This is funny....Jonathan is about to loose his religion with all these children! It's funny to see him in this role. I tell him all the time, this is what I go through teaching pre-school computer classes! Welcome to MY WORLD!!! Anyways, he has hit 5 home-runs so far. Catching and fielding is another story, but he will get it before you know it! Some dad's have asked if Jonathan will put him in coach pitch next year and that is a little funny to me. He can hit the ball that is thrown to him, that's not the problem, but he is just so young. I think I will see to it that he stays right where he is for another year. Anyways, I love me some baseball. Hope you enjoy my layouts as much as I enjoyed making them!


Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

this brings me soooo many memories. Enjoy every minute with them as they grow so fast! Love your layout. Have a wonderful and blessed Mother's day!

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