Saturday, June 5, 2010

Caught Some Crabs!

While visiting my parents this past week, we spent most of the time swimming and hanging out at the pool...but on this particular day we decided to go crabbing. My brother drove down to the beach with Drew and I brought Dax in my car...wasn't sure if Dax would enjoy this adventure so I thought it was a good idea to take a second car for a quick escape. To my surprise he loved it. He got a little bored in between pulling up crabs but we kept him busy by throwing rocks and eating. I can't wait to scrap these pictures. I've never created a crabbing layout. This is a past-time that my family loved doing when we were young. Growing up on the coast of Texas allowed us to fish and crab and go to the beach on a weekly basis. It's a wonderful childhood memory that I am glad I can share with my boys. I wish we lived closer to be able to do this more often.


Sarah Lou said...

Hi wendy tried to reply to your comment through email, but wasn't able to ! I usually do some basic editing, on my photos, just the basics normally, a bit of contrasts white balance etc,. Your photos are lovelly!!

these really make me want to go fishing and crabbing. shame its so darn cold over here!!

Jeanne Pellerin said...

Love the pictures, Wendy! Glad Dax had a good time!!!

MsBdot said...

Awww -- great photos -- I remember doing this when I was a child. Your boys will remember it too!! Great job, mom!

Beatriz said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!! And so happy that your brother is back to driving and sharing with you again. Can't wait to see the pages! Luv ya!