Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay, so I'm's all my mom's fault...I swear! It goes back a really long time 34 yrs ago! I LOVE FROGS! ALL KINDS! I love to go hunt them down in my yard, and I don't really care if they pee on me...I'm not scared of warts. The other night I saw a HUGE one in the middle of the road, I was so thankful he stayed right where he was until I passed over him (or her). Then I looked back into my rear view and saw him in the lights of another car hopping to the other side of the road. Yeah! He made it! I know ya'll think I'm nuts but it wasn't some small was the ones like these in the pictures. So in these pictures we were gathering them back up. I have a screen porch so we let them hop around until I had to get them home safely. Yes, only in Louisiana can you rent frogs for a party! What a blast we had, and as you can see I think I had the most FUN! Don't gross out too much!


Jeanne Pellerin said...

All I can say is, you're a really good mommy!

Anonymous said...

You are too much! What a wonderful idea for a boy's birthday party! I too am a big frog fan. I remember one of my birthday parties where we all brought our pet turtles we had caught and had turtle races and a prize for who decorated their's the best. Only wish I had those pictures.

Troy said...

Jill, that is hysterical! You really crack me up! Thanks for the post and love getting your messages. I really enjoy having you in my classes, and look forward to making your shadow box frames for you...they will ROCK! Oh, and yes you did get the black frames. See you soon!