Monday, July 21, 2008

You Silly Bird & Congrats to Drew & Braydon

Okay, so I'm starting to think...(I know that is a bit scary) but yesterday I had this bird scare me to death. I went to feed the dogs Sunday morning and all of a sudden this bird goes running past me....and of course the scrapbooker that I am I had my camera close by so I ran to get it and I got a few shots of this silly little bird. Though it wasn't so little, not like our ordinary black birds, blue birds and finches that fly around our house. Well, he slowly walked across the street to the neighbors and I forgot about him. I was later walking through my living room and glanced out the door and he was back- now in front of my door. I grabbed my zoom lens and got a couple of shots. Not sure what kind of bird he is but I'm thinking a night heron. He was definetely odd and out of place. Strangely enough, today I drove down the road and came across what I thought was going to be a dead armidillo (sp??) and OMG it was a dead alligator. I thought Only in Louisiana. I later learned that it is quite often that you see that in Texas. So what I'm wondering is....I think we are taking over mother nature and the these animals are not liking it!

On another shorter note, Congrats to Braydon (4th place) and Drew (2nd place and 1st place putting contest) We might have some little pro's on our hands. They had a blast today. Keep it up did great!


Jeanne Pellerin said...

Wendy the pictures of Drew are so cute! I know Jonathan must love that Drew is into golf! Love the song, I am totally into Stevie Nicks!

christie Trahan said...

Wendy you are so silly... I think the bird has a crush on you!