Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beach Bums

Well, we are back from our annual summer trip to Destin. Once again the beach was just beautiful. Trips to the beach aren't as relaxed as they use to be. With kids in the mix your constantly going back and forth to the room for either lunch, naps or diaper changes. I miss the days of just laying on the beach getting burnt to a crisp. But I do enjoy creating wonderful memories for my kids. We figured out that we have been going to the same resort for 23 years, we starting going when I was 13. We have seen alot of change over the years in Destin and we still enjoy going back each summer. This year Drew and Jonathan even went adventure that I am sure I'll never attempt...too chicken! I hope you enjoy the pictures and hopefully I'll get time to scrap them soon.

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Dawn said...

Beautiful pictures!